Host a Stop in the Parranda

Hello All,

The Sign Up genius is for people to host a stop for the Parranda, if you are not hosting a stop you don't need to sign up.

What is a PARRANDA?

A parranda is a Puerto Rican music tradition that takes place in Puerto Rico during the Christmas holiday season. Parrandas are social events that feature traditional Puerto Rican music, food, and drinks. They are associated with pride for the customs of the traditional Puerto Rican jíbaro.

Basically the Christmas Parranda at base is an event where people gather outside to listen to the live music from the "Parranda Bus" and walk around the community until reaching the STOPS. People are encourage to bring their family and music instruments to play and sing along.

What is a STOP?

A stop is a house that hosts the Parranda goers in their backyard or garage and provides food, drinks, deserts or more fun.

The stops can be hosted by one family or more.

The Parranda will start at 6PM and end 9PM

Do you want to host a stop, PLEASE SIGN UP!

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