I wanted to share a quick summary of what AWANA is for anyone who may have seen it advertised here but wasn’t sure what the program is.

AWANA is a Bible based program that focuses on teaching children the message of the gospel and training them up to love and live for Jesus. Each week the kids learn a new Bible lesson, memorize scripture, and have fun in game time together.

Our AWANA group is broken down into three age groups: 3 years- 5 years old/ K- 2nd grade/ 3rd-6th grade. The children receive fun vests/shirts to wear to club that they can also use to display awards they earn. They also receive a book to work in that compliments the lessons they learn at club each week. All of these materials, as well as attending the club is completely FREE! This program is put on by the base chapel, and is ran by a group of faithful volunteers!

The AWANA program is typically ran throughout the school year calendar. We brought AWANA here to Borinquen Chapel in September of 2019. We of course had to shut down in March 2020, but we’re happy to be back again as of Feb. 2021.

Our AWANA program this year will end April 28th. Although we do have limited capacities with Covid restrictions, I would love see as many children and adults involved in this program as possible. Many of our volunteers (including myself) are moving this summer. In order to keep this program running next year it would be wonderful to show new faces how the program is run. It is a really wonderful club, and although it’s commonly found at churches in the states we’re one of the very few churches in Puerto Rico offering this program! Last year we regularly had 50 kids attending each week!

If you’d like more information about sending your child to join and/or volunteering to help at AWANA please comment here or send me a PM. Even if you’re a new comer arriving in a few weeks and would like to jump in for our final few sessions we’d love to have you. thanks everyone!

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