Good morning Airsta,

There will be a community water update meeting at the community center at 1100 on Wednesday open to all members of the community.

AD members are welcome to attend with supervisor’s permission as work permits. Please consider sending a representative from each shop who can relay information back to other members.

Agenda: Share Guajataca Reservoir updates, share highlights from most recently available consumer water report from PR Health Dept, reiterate/explain/provide hard copies of current local guidance, Share general plans for measures if the rationing/current situation worsens, share future state site water resiliency plans, take questions & concerns.


LCDR Lars Tormey
Prospective Supervisor
Base Detachment Borinquen


In preparation for this event, Facilities Engineering has made some arrangement to help alleviate some of the inconvenience on days where water is shut off.


On rationing days the Hangar will be switched over to the auxiliary water tank for POTABLE (drinkable) water. This source will also be available to housing residents if they need an emergency source of POTABLE water. Water can be taken from spigot locations on the exterior west side of the hangar, near parking (See attachment 1 – Hangar PW Location) This tank will be topped off on days that city water is on. We request that residents plan accordingly to have potable water supplies on hand and minimize base traffic, but this source is available if needed.


Water cisterns and portable water bowsers have been positioned throughout the housing site for NON-POTABLE water (for flushing toilets and other non-consumption uses). They are located at the Child Development Center, The Community Center, Medical, and the intersection of 5th and Hook. (See attachment 2 – Housing NON-PW Cistern Locations) This water is for residents use, but not for drinking! The Engineer of the Watch will be conducting rounds to ensure these sources are topped off daily. If one is getting low on water, please pass the word to the EOW, OOD, or Facilities.


Notification of FE guidance for home cistern use was sent earlier this week and is attached (See the attachment 3 – Home Cistern Guidance for NON-PW). As a reminder, rules about home cisterns have been put in place for your safety and the preservation of our facilities. Please contact the Housing Office or Facilities Engineering before you make any plans to deviate for the attached guidance.


Our water utility provider has released some additional guidance regarding the treatment of water after service has been restored every other day. The guidance can be found here:

A basic translation is found here:

The manufacturer of the in-line filters maintained by FacEng in your homes has confirmed that these filters are adequate to ensure your water remains potable during the current rationing schedule. However, if you choose to take extra steps to ensure your water quality, the link above is the guidance directly from the water utility provider.

Home filter cartridges are good for 1 year. If you are unsure of the last time your filter was changed, please feel free to submit a work order request to have this done.

Potable water that undergoes daily quality monitoring is still available to all residents at the Air Station hangar, at the locations specified in previous guidance (attached).

Water Cisterns: We have received additional input from structural engineers at CG Civil Engineering Unit Miami regarding water cisterns being placed on 2nd floor patios. Their guidance is that 200 gallon cisterns are not recommended on the building patios, given then age and dimensions of the structures. That said, the previous restriction stands: Nothing more than one (1x) 55gal drum is authorized on a patio. Please refer to the previous email (attached) for an example of an authorized water cistern setup, on ground level. If you wish to deviate from this approved plan, please submit a self-help project work order request to Housing for consideration.