On Friday, 28 July at 1200, the security office will be changing the codes to survivor beach and the pedestrian gate. When using the gates, please follow the below rules:

  1. The gates are opened for use from 0600-2200 daily. If they are not opened, please contact the OOD or Duty Security for more information.
  2. The codes are to be used only by residents and personnel approved by the Command. Security is not authorized to approve special requests.
  3. If you find the gate opened, please immediately notify the OOD or Duty Security. Do not leave an opened gate unattended.
  4. The security office is the ONLY place to get the code. Everyone will receive a brief and sign the log acknowledging that they received it.
  5. Do not share the code with anyone, regardless if they are authorized. Again, the security office is the only place to get the code.
  6. Guests may accompany the sponsor through the gate after they are registered with the main gate. All guests must first enter through the main gate for accountability purposes. Do not introduce guests to the base through either survivor beach or the pedestrian gate.

If you have any questions regarding the gates and their use, please contact the security office.

Very Respectfully,

MEC Edward Van Riper
USCG Air Station Borinquen
Chief of Security