In the interest of public health and safety, Air Station Borinquen will begin enforcing lawn maintenance rules outlined in the Housing Manual. Please ensure your lawn is mown and clear of debris.  Ticks, mosquitos and other unwanted pests breed in overgrown areas.  Facilities Engineering employs an insect control worker, and residents are reminded that submission of a work order will result in timely spraying of the affected areas.  Please help us keep the insect and rodent population at bay.

Residents with unkempt lawns will receive a lawn ticket with a fine in the amount required to have their lawn cut to a reasonable length.  

Tropical Rentals has home and yard care equipment. Please refer to the Equipment Rentals page of the Beacon for details and pricing:

There are also several resources for lawn maintenance if you are unable to maintain your own yard.

Unfortunately, the base is not authorized to maintain La Plaza at this time. Contractors will begin work on the La Plaza property in the next few weeks. In the meantime, alternative pest mitigation efforts are underway.