Parent Pick up at the Youth Center

Notice to parents of children enrolled in the Youth Centers Summer Camp.
Starting Monday 12 AUG, all children must
be signed out by a parent/adult daily.  For those parents who are unable to
sign-out their child due to work or other obligations, they can authorize
two adults (18 or over) to pick-up and sign-out their child. The parent must
provide the full name and phone number of the alternate designate.

Traffic Plug around base from 4PM today Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Traffic Plug around base from 4PM today Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Today at 5 PM there will be a (#rickyrenuncia) march through Ramey Base from Lufthansa to the 
BQN Airport. If you travel along that route, take measures to avoid the traffic plug.

4th of July event: Our back gate (near security) will be closing at 1400 next Thursday.

Good morning,

In preparations for our 4th of July event, our back gate (near security) will be closing at 1400 next Thursday. If you are planning on attending the event and you are a base resident consider walking since parking will be limited. Please have your IDs with you as there will be a checkpoint to prevent unauthorized entry to our housing area from visitors. If you have any questions, you may contact security for more info. Thank you.


MEC Rodriguez
Chief of Security



Good afternoon Everyone,

Please feel free to also use the aluminum compartment for cardboard when the cardboard side is full but please cut open all boxes (flatten) before dropping them inside the compartment, this way we can maximize the capacity of the compartment.  If you see both compartments are full do not leave cardboard outside the dumpster.

For your convenience, we also have another recycling point behind ADMIN building near to the hangar.

Important Resources!!

Your official point of contact – unit ombudsman: Coast Guard ombudsmen are appointed by unit commanding officers to serve as official liaisons between the command and unit families. Ombudsmen are communication links, provide information and referral services, and act as advocates for family members. If you haven’t already, contact your ombudsman through the Coast Guard Ombudsman Registry. It’s important that your ombudsman knows how to reach you and that you know how to reach them!

** Our Official Ombudsman is: Nicole Hammond **

Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS): Enrollment in DEERS is required to receive military benefits. Learn more about DEERS enrollment, required documents, and how to locate an ID card facility here.

** We have an ID card facility in the Hangar **

TRICARE: Once enrolled in DEERS, marriage is a qualifying life event providing TRICARE eligibility. Learn more about your benefits, options, and enrollment requirements here. (You can only enroll in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select or switch plans during open season or after a qualifying life event.)

** We have a Tricare Specialist inside the Medical /Pharmacy building, in housing **

Extra Vision Coverage (if needed): Vision plans through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) are in addition to TRICARE vision coverage and provide more robust/comprehensive vision coverage (if needed).

TRICARE Dental Program: The TRICARE Dental Program is a voluntary, purchased a dental insurance plan that requires separate enrollment.

Coast Guard Health Benefits Advisors (HBA): HBAs are available to assist with TRICARE benefit information, billing issues, referrals/authorizations, access to care issues, eligibility and enrollment assistance, medical, dental, and pharmacy concerns, etc. You can contact them at 1-800-9-HBA-HBA (1-
800-942-2422) or

Moving Resources: Have you recently received orders or are you excitedly (perhaps anxiously) awaiting news of where your Coast Guard adventure will take you next? There are a variety of programs and resources to support you along the way.

Spouse Employment: If you’re seeking employment, there are programs and resources to support you, including LinkedIn Premium! Additionally, the Family Child Care (FCC) Program provides thriving business opportunities for eligible Coast Guard spouses!

Coast Guard Work-Life Programs: Work-Life offers a variety of helpful support programs, including a scholarship program, adoption reimbursement, and a child care program!

Special Needs Program: Through the Special Needs Program, efforts are made to ensure that members with special needs dependents are assigned to duty stations where medical and community services are accessible and available. For this reason, enrollment in the special needs program is mandatory for active duty service members, Public Health Service (PHS) officers serving with the Coast Guard, and reserve members on active duty for 181 days or more who have dependent family members diagnosed
with medical, psychological, physical or educational special needs. Special needs span a broad range of conditions from asthma/allergies, to wheelchair use, to Individualized Education Plans – contact your family resource specialist to determine if enrollment is required.

Resiliency: I can’t tell you that the days will always be easy – life is full of ups and downs, but hopefully, those trials and tribulations will make us stronger in the end. Learn more about “living your best Coast Guard life” and the resources available to support you here.

Deployment: Time – it’s a funny thing, isn’t it? Sometimes passing too quickly. Sometimes too slowly. It never feels more evident than when you’re facing or experiencing time away from the one that you love. Check out these deployment tips and resources!

Sea Legs: The Family Member’s Guide to the U.S. Coast Guard provides information to help support a smooth transition into military life.

Assignment Process: Nothing impacts Coast Guard life and a service member’s career quite like the assignment process. Learn more here!

Spouse Clubs and Associations: Connecting with other Coast Guard spouses can provide camaraderie and a great support system. The National Council of Coast Guard Spouses’ Clubs provides a helpful club directory

** We have a Spouse’s Club Page here in Borinquen **

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA): CGMA is the official relief society of the U.S. Coast Guard and provides emergency and disaster financial assistance, education programs, and family support assistance.

USCG HSWL app: For those looking for information about the support programs and services available to Coast Guard military and civilian personnel, family members, and retirees – there’s an app for that!

CG SUPRT website and app (available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play): CG SUPRT provides resources and referrals, non-medical counseling, health coaching, personal financial wellness, legal services, education and career counseling, and online tools and information. The access password is: USCG

2019 CG Aviation Workout to Remember

2019 CG Aviation Workout to Remember

***AIRSTA Borinquen,

On the morning of February 28th, the 2019 Coast Guard Aviation Workout to Remember will be held on the jungle gym outside the hangar. ***

On February 28, 2019, men and women from across the country will gather at gyms, parks, air stations and on vessels at sea to pay tribute to fallen heroes as part of this year’s USCG Aviation Workout to Remember. Formerly known as ‘The 6535 Memorial Workout’ the event was created as a tribute to the four aviation crew members of CG6535, who were lost in 2012 in Mobile, Alabama. Today the annual event honors all of the lives lost in Coast Guard Aviation.

The Workout to Remember is an event to honor those Coast Guard aviators who have made the ultimate sacrifice and support those that they have left behind. Since 2013, the Workout to Remember has raised more than $10,000 for the Coast Guard Foundation’s Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund.

Over the last seven years, the Workout to Remember has become more than just a fitness event. It is now a tradition that challenges us, humbles us, and allows us to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor, respect, and remember those who gave everything they had.

We invite you to join the countless patriots who support our cause by completing the workout on February 28, 2019. We also encourage you to help raise funds by collecting donations, or by purchasing one of our 2019 commemorative t-shirts.

2019 T-Shirt: The Coast Guard Aviation Workout to Remember is proud to partner with Puddle Pirate to bring you another high-quality commemorative shirt, worthy of representing such a unique cause. Order yours here!

Please note: Unlike previous years, shirt orders will be filled and ship immediately. Quantities are limited, so please visit Puddle Pirate today to order your 2019 event shirt. As always, 100% of proceeds will go to the Coast Guard Foundation’s Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund.

For news and updates, please follow the USCG Aviation Workout to Remember on Facebook and Instagram.

Wish to just donate to the 2019 Workout to Remember and not receive a t-shirt? Click here!

The Workout

4 Rounds:

400m Run, 65 Air Squats, 35 Burpee Pull-ups Two divisions:

1. Individual: All movements and reps are completed by a single individual.

2. Team (2-4 members): All members complete the run portions together.
During other movements, reps may be divided as necessary, but one member
must be working at all times. All reps of a single movement must be
completed prior to the team beginning the next movement.

Movement standards and Scaling:

65 Air Squats: Full squats performed to below parallel position (hip crease
below knee).

35 Burpees to Pull-ups: A complete burpee (chest and thighs touching ground
to standing position) followed by one pull-up with chin above bar level.

Scaling may be performed by using a step-up box for “jumping” pull-ups, or
by the use of band assisted pull-ups or ring-rows. If such scaling is used,
complete the burpees and pull-ups separately. If participants are unable to
complete a pull-up, complete a full burpee, jump and touch the pull-up bar.

400 Meter Run: leaving the workout area, run to the designated mark and

Time Limits: We recommend a 60 minute time cap for completion of the WOD for
both divisions.

USCG Aviation Workout to Remember Frequently Asked Questions:

Wait, I thought this was the 6535 Memorial Workout – why the name change? In light of the workout’s growing support, and in order to honor all of those who have given their lives on Coast Guard missions and training, the name of the workout was changed to honor the crew of the CG6535 as well as the heroes that had gone before them. We thought it was what they would have asked us to do.

How is a workout a memorial? People remember in many different ways. In groups or alone. Quietly or out loud. This event is a unique opportunity to honor those who have gone before us through sweat and effort. In the comparatively minuscule suffering we endure through this workout, we reflect on the suffering and sacrifice of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Sounds cool, how to I set up an event near me? The whole idea of this program is to empower individuals to gather together in small or large groups wherever they are; at home or at work, ashore or at sea, and remember our fallen heroes. Just send an email, text, tweet or actually talk in person with some friends from your office/gym/unit and pick a place to throw down. Other than the t-shirt fundraiser, we are totally decentralized, and counting on YOU to help the event spread and be a success.

There’s a t-shirt fundraiser? Yes, we are excited to continue to partner with Puddle Pirate for this year’s fundraiser t-shirt. Thanks to their involvement, we will be able to ship shirts immediately when you order, and provide a much greater return on investment to the fundraiser. They run a little small, so size up.

Who gets the money from this? All proceeds (100%) will go to the Coast Guard Foundation’s Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund.

I’m organizing an event and want to sell shirts that day, can I? Absolutely. Shirts are available in limited quantities from the Puddle Pirate website. You can link folks to the website or gather sizes and place a bulk order for your event participants en masse.

It says the event is on 28 February, what if I’m not free that day? We ask that events be setup on or around the 28th of February in honor of the crew of the CG6535, but know that schedules don’t always permit. We encourage teams to plan workouts anywhere within a week of that date, if able.

I love the cause, but hate burpees and don’t need a t-shirt. How do I participate?Nobody likes burpees, but you should do some. Even if you don’t, you can donate directly to the Coast Guard Foundation here: And thanks!

We’re doing an event in my area (or we just did one), how do I share with the rest of groups that are participating? We hope to grow beyond our capacity to track events around our nation and the globe. In order to get an idea of where folks are taking time to remember, we ask that you share your photos, videos and comments through your chosen form of social media using the hashtag #CGWODTOREMEMBER. It will make us all easy to find and share.

I’m so in for this workout! What’s the record? I’m going to beat it! Even if we kept track, we wouldn’t publish it. The goal here is to complete the workout and push yourself WITHIN YOUR OWN LIMITS. More than ever, we encourage athletes to take their focus off of themselves and put it on those they are remembering. Don’t be fooled, this workout is tough and should NOT be attempted as Rx’d by anyone who has not been participating in these types of high intensity exercise programs before.

So if I’m not a life-long CrossFitter like those guys on ESPN, can I not participate?You can absolutely participate. One of the great parts of this workout is that by scaling the movements, anyone can take part – from a world class athlete to someone who hasn’t done a pull-up in years. Check out the workout description above for some scaling options, or send us your questions via our Facebook page to help tailor the workout to your participants’ fitness levels.

For More information:

Directory of Local Shops in Puerto Rico

This space will be used to add local shops that you may be looking for while you are staying or living in Puerto Rico.

Important: Inclusion on list does not imply endorsement.


Aquatica Dive & Surf

Tropical Trail Rides

Craig and Michelle Barker
Mailing Address:
Tropical Trail Rides
400 Bo Bajuras
Isabela, Puerto Rico 00662

Physical Address:
Rd 4466 k.m. 1.9 interior
Isabela, Puerto Rico 00662