Work order for Air Conditioning

Hola Borinquen Residents!

As you know summer is almost here and we have started to feel the heat of the season… The hot summer season is when your air conditioner works overtime and possibly around the clock; this is why we are asking all residents to please take a minute and let us know if you’re A/C unit is having any issues (not cooling properly, making excessive noise, etc.) if so, please submit a work order so we can start planning on scheduling preventive maintenance or repairs visit.

Please see Work order link below in case you need to submit one;

Bravo Zulu! HS2 Underhay and HS2 Milligan’s advancement

HS2 Underhay and HS2 Milligan’s advancement were held on Friday, May 1st, 2o2o following all CDC Guidelines, times are changing but that won’t limit the Command to give the recognition deserve to our Active Duty Coast Guard Members. Bravo Zulu!

Check Out the videos here!

Video_1 Video

Petty Officer 3rd Class Killian Whitmore, a gunner’s mate with Boston’s Maritime Safety and Security Team, displays his 2nd Class collar devices prior to his advancement. Whitmore was advanced to Petty Officer 2nd Class on Sept. 1, 2015. (Photo Illustration)

If you want to submit any awards, recognitions, or information you can send us an email at or

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Congratulations to Ryan R. as the Puerto Rico Military Youth of the Year!

Congratulations to Ryan R. as the Puerto Rico Military Youth of the Year!

Ryan is the winner of the 2020 Puerto Rico Military Youth of the Year event. As the State Military Youth of the Year, Ryan R. has earned the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico (Military) at the upcoming Northeast Regional Youth of the Year Celebration. All teens that competed were outstanding young adults and should take pride in their performances. Ryan is a Senior Student from DoDea Ramey School. Both of Ryan’s parents are teachers at the DoDEA School in PR.

We have the pleasure of having Ryan E. Roettger as an active member of the Base Detachment Borinquen’s Youth Program in affiliation with Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Every kid, youth and teen finds their own special place here in this Club. The programs we provide are focused to develop and exemplifying good character not only at the Club, but in school with peers and at their home with family. Since I meet Ryan, I saw a charismatic and responsible person, always smiling, always available and always ready to learn and help student. His caring and leadership skills are more than noticeable.

At the Youth Program, Ryan E Roettger is one of those members with character and leadership that identify issues and try to find solutions. He brings new ideas. It is amazing to see Ryan’s growth and it is worth admiring the impact that he has on other Youths not only in our program but also at school and on his community. Being part of the Keystone Club has been the motor and main reason for Ryan’s impact to others.

Ryan knows the importance and how meaningful it is to give back to his community. Puerto Rico needs more Teens like Ryan that can set an example to others. Demonstrating that our behaviors can make a change for good or for wrong but Ryan chooses to be a positive impact on others. As a Keystone member, he had done several projects such as visits to the elderly homes, numerous beach clean-ups, and coordinated food drives. As the actual Keystone President as well, he has helped organize several activities alongside his Keystone Club peers and Unit Director such as organize teen’s oriented activities to increase our teen membership and organize and actively participate in fundraisers for the benefit of all the Club members.

Ryan and the keystone club helped during the community fall festival and car wash event. Also, painting Base Detachment community gym. Ryan is active and participates in the same way in his school’s activities, organizations, and sports teams as he does in the club as well. By doing, this Ryan does not neglect his academic responsibilities. Ryan has been accepted at Florida State University.

Ryan is determined to achieve his goals and dreams through hard work and dedication. Ryan encourages others to participate in MYOY even knowing that he will be participating as well. His dedication and commitment include making the decision to participate and be able to represent the USCG and our Youth Program as a Military Youth of the Year. He is demonstrating he is passionate about the higher propose of what he does and when he targets he fulfills the big mission.

Congratulations, Ryan -MYOY 2020!

Boriken Villa Scavenger Hunt for Base Residents only.

Are you ready for adventure?

If you are a base resident you should check out this event!!

MWR Office hours for the scavenger sign-ups are Monday 20 2020-0700-12:00 Wednesday 22 2020-0700-12:00 and Friday 24th-0700-1100. Credit Card accepted or exact cash amount. Mask must be worn upon entering Office. One family (team) member for sign-ups.




USCG Borinquen: Limited Access


In an effort to control the spread of the virus and protect our community we have taken some precautions by closing some of our facilities to the public. 

Tropical Rentals, Library, Ceramics Shop, Fitness Center (Plaza & Community Center), Pool, Borinquen CDC and Boys and Girls Club is temporarily closed until further notice. We understand and regret the challenges this will pose to our patrons. Any Coast Guard members or employees who will be unable to report to work as a result of the closure should contact their immediate supervisor to make an alternate work plan and check-in at least daily for updates. We will pass more information as it becomes available. 

Pelican Pub will be taking delivery orders only for breakfast and lunch. Delivery at the Hangar. Walk-in service closed. (787)890-8400

Guest Housing is available for Active duty and Activated Reserves. 

Wing Night, Movie Night & SUP activity have been canceled.

If you have any questions please contact: