First day of VBS! First day of VBS!

Drop off your kids at 5:15 in the gym @ La Plaza! We start promptly at 5:30pm!

Pick up at 8:00pm in the same location!

Don’t send kids in nice clothes. We’re painting shirts tonight and paint is NOT washable!

Can’t wait to kick off this awesome week tonight!!!

The new PTSO Board members for the 2019-2020 School Year

Ramey School News!

The new PTSO Board members for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Co-Presidents: Carla Banducci and Linda Hamilton
Vice-President: Stephanies Montes
Secretary: Laura Lenander
Treasurer: Jennie Linhares
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the PTSO, please contact the PTSO via e-mail at Due to summer break, please allow ample time for a response to e-mails or facebook requests.
If you have questions regarding school policies, procedures, schedules, supplies, etc. please contact the school office directly.

Thank you and have a nice summer.

Base Detachment Borinquen Leadership Philosophy and Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

Base Detachment Borinquen Leadership Philosophy and Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Supervisor: LCDR Lars Tormey

Leadership Philosophy: Respectfully teaming with one another every day to get the job done
Mission: The mission of Base Detachment Borinquen is to humbly, safely, and efficiently deliver
prioritized support that is in alignment with CG policies and local instructions in order to facilitate CG
and Federal Gov’t operational missions in Western Puerto Rico (Selfless Service)
Vision: a cohesive team of selfless professionals critical to safe and effective flight operations at CG
Airsta Borinquen, as well as an enabler of other Federal Gov’t missions in Puerto Rico, achieved through
collaboration and the routine delivery, continuous improvement, and skillful implementation of the most practical of available solutions. (Teamwork)


Respect- Treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. Period. This is and should always be a
great place to come to work. Diversity of thought is what will bring us to the best solutions and get us all
out earlier in the day and to go home and spend more quality time with our families with more to give
to them. Share information! Cross train each other. Pull others up to where you are at professionally.
Develop others around you- junior or senior. Get to know each other- break bread together. Laugh. Ask
questions. Expand your experience of life and work by understanding the experiences of those around
you. Be sensitive enough to know when someone needs help personally or professionally and go out of
your way to either help them yourself or point them to helpful resources. Many years from now, I
believe that it will be the relationships we have developed with one another that we will be the longest-
lasting of our experiences and the thing that we will remember and cherish the most.
Team- We are here in Borinquen to support the Air Station and federal partners in saving lives and
busting bad guys. Your work enables those missions to happen every day and to happen well. We are all
on the same team- across agencies, across units, across departments/divisions/branches, and across
management/employees. We are all on the federal government team delivering value to the taxpayer.
We are much more effective when we are in close communications with each other and pulling the
same direction and for one another. Figure out ways to communicate more effectively especially face-
to face. Personal conflict is inevitable. Seek advice from mentors when dealing with uncomfortable
personal conflicts and settle it early and as professionally as possible.

Work- We are here to get a job done. Never be satisfied with the status quo. Come to work ready to set
the world on fire every day. Always be seeking new ways to improve our business lines and make work
more efficient. Find the balance between following old and instituting new processes and realizing when
a situation doesn’t fit the norm and needs some sort of special attention and ingenuity. Be honest in all
aspects of all your dealings. When we complete quality work, you will have something to be proud of
and confidence to tackle the next job.

Captain’s Cup Co-ed Volleyball


Captain’s Cup

Co-Ed Volleyball 2019

Team Registrations begins!

Team rosters are due by Friday, July 08 2019.

First Game begins on Monday, July 22, 2019.

Team Registration Forms are available at the

MWR Office Located at 151 L Street

Monday thru Friday 7:30-3:00 pm

POC: Juan Sosa, Rec. Assistant:

Games will be played on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1830 La Plaza Base Gym


ELIGIBILITY: All Active Duty Coast Guard, DOD, CGES/MWR/Civilian Employees, Border Patrol, ICE, Ramey School


Swimming Classes this Summer 2019!!

Hello House Borinquen!
We have three (3) new sessions for swimming classes this summer.
Remember that one of the perks of the Pool Membership is saving $20 per kid per session. We also offer adult classes and the discounts also apply for that.
The Sessions start on June 17 and last six classes
(2) mondays (2) wednesdays and (2) fridays.
There is a class from 9 am to 10 am and another following from 10 am to 11 am
The pool opens at 12 PM for the general public.
Any questions, registration, and payment please call the POOL MANAGER Regina (787) 890-8496 or email:

Drill At Ramey

Good afternoon Everyone;

Tomorrow, Ramey School will be conducting their active shooter/ family reunification drill from 0800-1000.  For drill purposes only, Housing area will be  partially lock down. The main housing gate will remain open for regular traffic but the housing back gate will close. The entire event should last about 2 hours.

Be prepared to see a lot of kids and security around but nothing to be in alarm about.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Veterinary Clinics this weekend!!





At Guesthouses 103 and 105.

Call 787-707-2038 for an appointment 

Saturday, June 1– 0900-1600 (9:00am -4:00pm)

Sunday, June 2- 0900-1600 (9:00am -4:00pm)

Monday, June 3- 0900-1200 (9:00am -12:00pm)