“The partial government shutdown is difficult, but we will get through this together.  Our community is resilient, tight-knit, and battle tested.  All members of the Borinquen community are experiencing some effects of the lapse in appropriation, whether USCG, DHS, DoD, federal government employees, or family members living on the base.  Our intent is to provide the most accurate information in a dynamic situation.  Programs and policies are changing on a daily basis.  Everyone is requested to check their official agency guidance for status updates and specific information regarding the shutdown.  The official Coast Guard guidance is linked below.  We’ve also posted information about several financial programs; each is unique based on military status or agency affiliation.  At our local level, we are doing all we can to support each other through the base services that we manage and control.  We will continue to update the beacon to keep you informed of goings on in the local area.  If you have information that you would like to share with the community, please contact mwrbqnpr@gmail.com.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Captain Overstreet (keith.a.overstreet@uscg.mil), Commander Holdridge (toby.l.holdridge@uscg.mil), or Master Chief DeVegter (Stanley.c.devegter@uscg.mil).


Official USCG Guidance:  https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/budget/
If in doubt, this is the primary source for the official updates from the Commandant.