Pride of the Caribbean,

George Carlin had a comedy routine back in the day about risky activities and helmets.  Instead of quitting the risky activity, his example was football, he pointed out that humans just chose to wear helmets instead.  You could tell how dumb a person is by counting how many activities one does that require wearing a helmet.  If you don’t know who George Carlin was, do yourself a favor and watch a little bit on YouTube.  It’ll change your life.

On to the point: wear your bike helmet and make sure it’s secured and strapped to your head.

Some have pointed out that children on the base are not wearing helmets when riding bikes, scooters, skateboards or other activities that require their use.  Please make sure the kids are safe.  No excuses.  They need to wear their helmets.

What about you?  Well, you’re the example.  If you ride by without a helmet or wear your helmet in the super-cool fashion with the buckle unstrapped, you set a terrible example to the kids.  No excuses.  And, it doesn’t look cool with the buckle unstrapped.  I see you, and it looks dumb!

What’s the alternative?  Buen Samaritano!  You don’t want to go there, and you definitely don’t want your kids to go there.

Nuff Said,

More information about Helmet Safety: