Lapse of Appropriation – Resources
We’re going to provide amplifying or supporting information for some of the individual programs in this section.

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Official USCG Guidance:
If in doubt, this is the primary source for the official updates from the Commandant.


Veterans of Foreign Wars Grant  (Veterans of Foreign Wars Grant)

Creditors (This is a USCG Official letter to provide Creditors)

DHS Letter to Creditor (DHS Letter to Creditor)

American Grant (American Legion Grant)

BQN Lapse Trifold-2 ( BQN Trifold )

Emergency Budget (Emergency Budget)


Public Affairs  & Social Media

Social Media Protocol 


MWR & Local Community 


USCG Guidance

This is a link to the Office of Personnel Management website. This link applies to everyone affected by the lapse in appropriation. .