School Year
M-F 2:30pm - 6:30pm
Summer Program
M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm


To provide a safe, fun, and enriching environment for Borinquen youth that will promote character development, academic achievement, cultural awareness, leadership skills, personal health and well-being.


  • To ensure availability of quality programs and services for children and youth ages 6 years to 18 years old.
  • To provide a program that is an affordable option for a structured after school program to dependants to Active Duty Coast Guard, GS & WG employees assigned to ASBQN, Active Duty DOD employees and Government Employees living aboard ASBQN.
  • To provide programs and services in accordance with statutory requirements, DHS policy and Coast Guard standards.
  • To provide high quality, youth-oriented services that support families and encourage open and honest communication.
  • To ensure all staff members and providers are well trained and are able to carry out their responsibilities.


Morale, Recreation and Welfare has established eligibility criteria recommended by Air Station Borinquen Command.

Authorized users include children/youth 7 years-18 years old who are family members of Active Duty Coast Guard, GS & WG employees assigned to ASBQN, C.G.E.S employees, Active Duty DOD employees, Government Employees living aboard ASBQN, Ramey School employees and Homeland Security employees.


Please speak to BGCB Director or Staff member for further details. Membership price is determined by the Sponsors Pay Grade and can be prorated if enrolled after starting date.


School Year
Monday – Friday 2:30pm to 6:30pm

NEW Summer Program
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

*Stop by the Club or MWR Office for further details

**These hours will be subject to change during holiday breaks, early release days from school, and school closures (i.e.. parent teacher conference days).  Parents will be notified of any changes in hours or club closures in advance**

Programs Available at the Boys & Girls Club of Borinquen

Character & Leadership: Helping youth become responsible, caring citizens and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process is the main thrust of these programs. They also develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for planning, decision-making, contributing to Club and community and celebrating our national heritage.

Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s ultimate teen program. This unique leadership development experience provides opportunities for young people ages 14 to 18.

Youth of the Year
Established in 1947, Youth of the Year is BGCA’s premier recognition program for Club members, promoting service to Club, community and family; academic success; strong moral character; life goals; and poise and public speaking ability.

Education & Career: BGCA has implemented the programmatic strategy Every Member, Every Year, designed so that all Clubs, no matter their size or resources, can partner with youth, parents, schools and other community stakeholders to implement at least one of three approaches: academic enrichment and school engagement; targeted dropout prevention; and intensive intervention and case management. Our aim is to ensure that all Club members graduate from high school on time, ready for a post-secondary education and a 21st-century career.

Power Hour: Making Minutes Count
Power Hour: Making Minutes Count provides Club professionals with the strategies, activities, resources and information to create an engaging homework help and tutoring program that encourages Club members at every age to become self-directed learners.

Health & Life Skills: These initiatives develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.

An outgrowth of the popular and effective SMART Moves program, SMART Girls is a health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program for girls ages 8 to 17.

Sports, Fitness and Recreation: These Club programs help develop fitness, a positive use of leisure time, reduction of stress, appreciation for the environment and social and interpersonal skills.

Triple Play: A Game Plan for Mind, Body and Soul
Triple Play, a comprehensive health and wellness program, strives to improve the overall health of Club member’s ages 6-18 by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.

Arts & Crafts Projects: Our Arts and Crafts program will focus on a wide variety of themed ideas. Our goal with this program is to stimulate the creative minds of our members. The A & C program will be held on a weekly basis.

The Taino Lounge and Teen Center will provide a safe, fun, positive and age appropriate environment; where pre-teens and teen will be encouraged to become leaders and role models in their communities. Through our educational and life enhancing programs members will take on greater responsibilities and organizational tasks to enhance the quality of their character and integrity.