The Security Office is responsible for good order and discipline on board CGAS Borinquen, including enforcement of all station instructions and policies concerning visitor control, vehicle registration, animal control, traffic regulations, and physical security of the Air Station and Housing Areas. Security also provides initial response to fires until P.R. Fire Department arrives. Primary firefighters are located just outside the housing areas.

General Information

Animal Control and Registration is covered in Air Station Borinquen’s Organizational Manual and requires all animals kept on base to be registered with the Security Office. Registration consists of a numbered tag, which is attached to the animal’s collar. The tag is issued to the owner after proof has been shown that all shots have been obtained for the pet.

Base residents are required to have their pets under voice command or on a leash at all times when the animal is outdoors. All dogs must be on a leash when outdoors between 2200 and 0600.

Ft. Buchanan’s vet makes Quarterly visits to Air Station Borinquen. Services include general check-ups, shots, worm checks, etc. There are local vets in the area from whom general and emergency services may be obtained. Names and addresses are listed in the local phone book.

Privately Owned Firearms

Privately Owned Fire Arms are “NOT” authorized in the housing area and Security can not support the storage of privately owned fire arms. If you have fire arms, make sure that you coordinate the storage back in the states.

Traffic Control

Traffic control is the responsibility of the Security Office. The speed limit on board Air Station Borinquen is 20 mph, with the exception of School Drive which is 15 mph. The slower speed on School Drive is due to the number of children playing in this area. School Drive is also the pick up/drop-off point for the Ramey School bus.

Full stops are required at all marked intersections. Seatbelt and child restraint seats are mandatory unless a physical disability prevents their use. Bicyclists and pedestrians have right of way at all times.

The use of cell phones while driving on any DOD or U.S. Coast Guard installation is strictly prohibited, points and fine will be accessed. If you receive a call while driving, please pull over to answer the call.

Complete traffic rules can be found in the housing manual.

Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Registration is required for all cars and motorcycles to be operated on Coast Guard property. The following requirements must be met in order to register your vehicle:
  • Valid Drivers License. For Information on Driver’s License in Puerto Rico.
  • Current Registration for the state in which you have plates.
  • Current Puerto Rico Vehicle Registration Inspection sticker. This can be obtained at any authorized inspection station.
  • Current ACCA. This is similar to No Fault Personal Injury Protection Insurance in the states and is required on all vehicles operated in Puerto Rico.


If you own a motorcycle, you are required to have motorcycle safety training prior to riding it on any DOD or Coast Guard installation. It is recommended that you get this training before you transfer to Puerto Rico. You will be required to show proof of this training and proof of a state endorsement on your Drivers License, once you arrive at the Air Station. We periodically sponsor the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training here.

Required equipment for riding Motorcycles and Scooters; DOT approved helmet, Eye protection, Long sleeve shirt or jacket, Full fingered gloves, Long legged sturdy pants, and over the ankle sturdy shoes (tennis shoes are not authorized).

Vehicle Parking

Vehicle parking is prohibited along all yellow curbs, on grassy areas, and unmarked spaces at any of the facilities. You may pull your vehicle into your yard only to wash it.

Personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


146 Wing Road
Day Phone
(787) 890-8472
After Hours / OOD Phone
(787) 306-7431