A Leadership and Diversity Council (LDAC) is the local group approach to impacting leadership and diversity. District Commanders and Commanding Officers of Sectors, Air Stations, cutters, and units with 50 or more personnel are required to establish LDACs. LDACs are responsible for assessing the workplace climate and culture in their respective areas, developing annual action plans for how they will impact diversity and leadership in their area, addressing leadership and diversity issues that can be resolved at the unit level, and forwarding issues that cannot be handled at the unit level to the next higher LDAC.

Meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month at 1300 in the Hangar Training Room.

Special Observances:
– Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jan)
– African American/Black History Month (Feb)
– Women’s History Month (March)
– Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (April)
– Asian American Pacific Islander Month (May)
– LGBT Month (June)
– Women’s Equality Day (26 Aug)
– Suicide Awareness Month (Sep)
– Hispanic Heritage Month (Oct)
– National Disability Employment Awareness Month (Oct)
– Native American Indian Heritage Month (Nov)