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Medical Care
Air Station Borinquen has a small clinic staffed with one
physician, one physician’s assistant, eight Health Services
Technicians (HS), and a TRICARE representative. The clinic has
pharmacy, laboratory, and immunization capabilities. Active duty
members, along with all dependent family members are eligible to
be seen at the clinic located at buildings 118 and 122 on
Northeast Road in the housing area on base.

Active Duty Members
Active duty “acute matters” is for recent illness and injuries only
Monday – Friday except for federal holidays. Check-in is from
0730-0800 for active duty members only, and at 1300-1320 for Air
Station aviation night-shift personnel. Personnel arriving after the
designated times, or with non-acute complaints will be scheduled
for the next available appointment. For all other conditions please
call the appointment line to schedule an appointment. The
appointment line opens at 0730 during our regular working days.

Family Members and Dependents
The Air Station clinic has recently become a Primary Care
Manager (PCM), dependents now have the choice of either
enrolling with the clinic or choosing a medical provider of their
choice from the TRICARE OVERSEAS civilian provider (PCM)
list. Routine care for dependents is provided on an appointment
basis only during normal working hours. Appointments are
available Monday thru Friday 0830-1530, and Wednesday 0830-
1200. Wednesday afternoons the clinic is closed for routine
services (including pharmacy) for clinic training. Please call early
as appointment are given out on a first come basis. Maternity care
is covered 100% by TRICARE, and the patient only pays the
inpatient daily fee and extra services not covered by TRICARE.
Before using civilian medical care, a referral, and pre-authorization
is required.
A list of local providers and more information about TRICARE is available at the Clinic.

Dental Care
There is a small Dental Clinic aboard the Air Station. This clinic is
staffed with one dentist and one dental technician. Dental Care is
available for Active Duty personnel ONLY. Dental sick-call hours
are from 0730-0830. MetLife Dental Plan is available for Active
Duty Family Members. If your dependents are currently enrolled
in United Concordia, do not unenrolled them. A list of providers in
the local area is available from the CG clinic.

Urgent Care / After Hours Care
The clinic has one Duty Health Services Technician available 24
hours a day. They can be reached at the clinic during normal
hours of operation (787) 890-8477 and on the duty cell phone
after hours (787) 221-0015. The clinic is not equipped or staffed
as an emergency room. In all cases, the Duty Health Services Technician will consult with the Duty Medical Officer VIA PHONE
to determine the urgency of the case, and provide the appropriate
level of care within their capability. The Medical Officer is not
available for personal medical evaluations after hours. All urgent
care issues will be treated as such, and appointments will be
given for all non-emergency cases. Emergency care is limited to
stabilizing patients and coordinating with civilian EMS for transfer
to a local hospital or providing information and directions for
appropriate civilian care facilities. The clinic rescue vehicle is not
an ambulance but can provide First Responder / Basic Life
Support services in response to on-base emergencies.
In emergency situations when conditions do not permit the use of
these facilities, the nearest local hospital can and should be used.
When using it is highly recommended to contact International
SOS at 877-451-9659. The Air Station clinic must also be notified
within 24 hours of receiving emergency care. This will help ensure
proper processing of any medical bills, and that proper follow up
care is provided.

One SF-600 for you and each Dependent has to be submitted to Air Station Borinquen’s Medical Department. Fax the completed forms to 787-890-8481



Important Numbers

Air Station Borinquen Clinic (direct number)
787 890 8477
Air Station Phone Switchboard
787 890-8400
Appointment line/after hours HS
x 8503
Dental Clinic
x 8482
Clinic Administrator
x 8479
San Carlos Hospital
787 877 8000
Bellavista Hospital
787 834 6000
Aguadilla EMS
Hospital Buen Samaritano
787 819 0800