The Chaplain’s Office is staffed by a full-time Protestant Chaplain and a civilian Religious Programs Management Assistant. The Chaplain’s Office has a lending library with great family videos and reading material available for check out at no cost. This is a busy office which offers a variety of services.


A General Protestant Worship Service is offered Sunday mornings at 1000, with Children’s Church available. Wednesday’s feature AWANA, a dynamic program for children. Both men’s and women’s Bible studies are offered throughout the year. Contact the Chaplain’s office for more information. If you are interested in baptism, please contact the Chaplain 30 days in advance. The Chaplain provides pre and post-marital counseling. If you are interested in becoming married in Puerto Rico, please contact the Chaplain at least six weeks in advance. Our Youth Group holds weekly meetings and monthly outings and is a popular program for the youth on base. The Protestant Chapel Community sponsors annual fellowship times.



The Command Religious Program sponsors an English-speaking Roman Catholic Mass on the first and third Saturdays of each month. The mass begins at 1700 in the Chapel located in the La Plaza building, second deck on the Hood Road side. A catechism class held at the Chapel House is offered weekly by dedicated volunteers. Please contact the Chaplain Office for up-to-date


Although the Chaplain is required by law to only provide religious services in the manner and form of his religious endorsing agency, he also will facilitate for people of other faith. The Chaplain’s services, like the Command Religious Program, is for everyone. Please feel free to speak with the chaplain about how he can facilitate for your religious needs.


The Chaplain offers 100% confidential counseling available to all authorized users; Active Duty, spouses, family members, civilians working on base and, when time allows, locals attending chapel. The chaplain can listen and provide advice on a wide variety of topics – marriage, personal issues, spiritual guidance, work & life issues are all areas that can be discussed in a context of complete confidentiality.  Call the Chapel office for more information.

The staff and dedicated volunteers of the Command Religious Program pray that your tour at Air Station Borinquen will be a memorable and happy one. We are here to serve you!


Chapel-sponsored events are held throughout the year. Some events to look forward to are our  Awana Club, Holy Week program, Thanksgiving Potluck, Christmas Music Program, and more throughout the year. The Chapel community sponsors and promotes many community relations projects throughout the year:  food and clothing drives, fundraisers for charities, construction projects for missionaries and more.


La Plaza, 2nd Deck, Room 205
Monday - Thursday

Contact the Chaplain

Duty Cell
(787) 397-1068
(787) 890-8400 x8801
Chaplain's Assistant Telephone
(787) 890-8486
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