Charity Color Run

This Coast Guard Mutual Assistance fundraising event will be the closing-out event for the CGMA fundraising campaign running from August 15th through September 21st . This year’s theme, “Helping your own” aims to provide assistance for Coastguardsmen and their families during times of disaster, financial hardship or in the pursuit of higher education.

All are welcome to attend, and the entry fee for the event will be a donation. Entry fee: Suggested Donation. Participants can donate at MWR, or with CWO2 Collins (Admin), HS2Milligan (Medical) or LTJG Deza (Supply). There will be color packets available with a donation. Suggested Attire: White shirt, and your wackiest accessories. Sign up ONLINE!



Here’s the link for Participant sign-up:
And here’s the link for Volunteer sign-up:
You can join our facebook event for updates:

Protest-related traffic and crowds planned in our area this afternoon.

Protest-related traffic and crowds planned in our area this afternoon.
Early release from work is authorized at 1430 today in order to avoid any protest-related traffic and crowds. There is a planned protest/march planned for commencement at the Lufthansa Facility on PR-110 starting this evening at 1700. Protestors intend to march from Lufthansa to the BQN Airport (likely right by the CG Hangar facility) and they may start gathering near the Lufthansa area prior to 1700. Duties crews needing to respond to anything at the hangar during this period should use extra caution, common sense, and clearly communicate intentions with CG security teams prior to transit.

Coffee Talk with HSWL Office!

18 July 1530 all hands Family Resource
Specialist (FRS) training with spouses at the community center

Contact Information:

 Your Family Resource Specialist are: 

Mirtha Rivera: 

Ken Weber: 


For everyone’s awareness, the 18 July 1530 all hands Family Resource
Specialist (FRS) training with spouses at the community center here in
Borinquen will stay the same. As that date falls closer, we will have to
advertise this through both Commands so that the invite reaches the active-duty
component and their spouses. Wing Night at the community center will
kick off right after the training and will be the perfect venue for anyone
that wants someone on one time with Mr. Weber. Please scroll down for links
associated with the upcoming training.

We are very excited to have both Mrs. Banducci and Mrs. McGuire volunteer
for the Ombudsman position for each component here in Borinquen, their plan
is to shadow Mrs. Hammond until she transfers next year. For the Ombudsman
training, Mr. Weber will be e-mailing me a power-point and will be
conducting the training via phone conference for Mrs. Banducci and Mrs.
McGuire. I believe that attendance is optional for Mrs. Hammond. This will
take place on 12 Aug at 0800 in the CO’s conference room. Total training
time will be around 4 hours. If for some reason the location changes, I will
contact you.

Special Needs:

Base Miami Beach HSWL:

Child Care Subsidy Program
(Awaiting new information)

Child Development Services

USCG Eldercare Program:

CGMA Adoption Assistance:

USCG Scholarships:

Ombudsman Program:

Coast Guard Day – Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Coast Guard Day Celebration – August 2nd, 2019
Coast Guard Active duty, Reservist, Employees of Air Station Borinquen and Base Detachment Borinquen (WS, GS, NAF) Exchange Employees of The Aguadilla Coast Guard Exchange. For questions about the event & admission please send us an email to

LOCATION: Parador Villas Del Mar Hau (GPS coordinates listed below)
0900 – 1600

PRICE TO ATTEND EVENT: Entrance onto the property is FREE for all authorized patrons listed above, their dependents, extended family members and guests. However, only authorized patrons and their dependents will be provided a VIP wristband, which will give them free access to the pool, sports courts and to eat free of charge at the times listed above. We kindly ask that you do not remove the VIP wristbands throughout your stay.
When you arrive at the main entrance (GPS coordinates provided below) you MUST tell the guard that you are there for the CG Day Event or else you will be asked to pay a $10 entry fee.
All authorized patrons shall check-in at the table set up by the entrance of the venue. This is where we will account for you and your dependents in order to provide the venue with an accurate count of attendees. We will then provide the VIP wristbands.
Follow the “CG Day Parking” signs. Do not park in the concrete parking area. The actual parking area will be on the grass. The concrete parking area is for hotel guests only.

0900: members are welcome to find a spot on the beach or a table on the deck of the restaurant: “Olas Y Arena”
1030: sandwiches, juices & fresh fruit will be served and there will also be snacks for the kids at the beach
1300: main meal will be served to consist of: fajitas style chicken, roast pork, rice w/cilantro, salted potatoes, house salad & Greek salad
1400: cake will be served
1600: conclusion of the event
AUTHORIZED PATRONS: The following members will receive wristbands…
Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen & Base Detachment Borinquen Active duty and Reservist members + their dependents (spouse, children)
Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen & Base Detachment Borinquen GS civilian employees + their dependents (spouse, children)
Aguadilla CG Exchange employees + their dependents (spouse, children)
Extended family members and guests are more than welcome to attend but they will have to purchase food separately from the restaurant (Olas Y Arena) or drinks at the cash bar. They will not receive a wrist band as explained below.
Entrance onto the property is FREE for all authorized patrons listed above, their dependents, extended family members and guests. However, only authorized patrons and their dependents will be provided a VIP wristband, which will give them free access to the pool, sports courts and to eat free of charge at the times listed above. We kindly ask that you do not remove the VIP wristbands throughout your stay.
This year’s Coast Guard day celebration will be held at Parador Villas Del Mar Hau in Isabela, which will give members access to Montones Beach. (So don’t forget to bring sunblock, beach chairs, towels and umbrellas.) There will be activities (listed below) for both adults and children alike. Members are free to arrive at 0900 and stay until the end of the event, which will be at 1600. Parking will be marked with a sign showing members where to park.
Music/DJ, VolleyBall, Strength Test, Hula-hoop, Tug of War
-The GPS coordinates to the locations listed below have been verified to work on multiple navigation apps….
-Main entrance: 18.512515, -67.066584
-Parking lot: 18.512794, -67.064601
-Main gathering area (where food will be served): 18.513493, -67.064719
-Montones Beach: 18.513966, -67.064932

-Pool: 18.512598, -67.065635

Aguadilla wins “Best quality of life city” by The United States Conference of Mayors.

Aguadilla wins “Best quality of life city” by The United States Conference of Mayors.

Aguadilla, PR (Small City) Pintalto initiative –
The Pintalto initiative, a collaboration of Aguadilla Mayor Carlos Méndez Martínez and architect Samuel Gonzalez, uses houses in the Cerro Cabrera area as a canvas to paint a mosaic of 14 murals which honor Aguadilla’s fishermen. Mayor Martinez knew the program would transform the city through beautification and public art, but this was also an opportunity to help the residents heal from Hurricane Maria. The Pintalto initiative was a community rehabilitation program, which included vegetation cleanup, and the removal of illegal landfills and debris from abandoned houses. Tourism has increased in the city. Approximately 10,000 monthly visitors tour the Cerro Cabrera area since the mural was painted. Small businesses managed by local residents have also been launched and are taking advantage of the new interest in the area.

“It is a great honor, a dream come true to demonstrate to my constituents that there is no city like Aguadilla. If we work together as a close community, we are able to achieve big things. This has been the fifth time Aguadilla has won a City Livability Award from the Conference of Mayors and Waste Management, and without a doubt, it makes us proud to demonstrate that every single best practice is valuable,” stated Aguadilla Mayor Carlos Méndez Martínez. “When we put this into practice, using all the knowledge we have gained from participating in this program, we can improve the life of every citizen not only in Puerto Rico, but all over the USA, and perhaps the world. This recognition helps us to stimulate our dream of competition, understanding that every effort is worth it and demonstrates that our dreams are seeds of our realities for all.”




Your official point of contact – unit ombudsman: Coast Guard ombudsmen are appointed by unit commanding officers to serve as official liaisons between the command and unit families. Ombudsmen are communication links, provide information and referral services, and act as advocates for family members. If you haven’t already, contact your ombudsman through the Coast Guard Ombudsman Registry. It’s important that your ombudsman knows how to reach you and that you know how to reach them!

** Our Official Ombudsman is: Nicole Hammond **

Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS): Enrollment in DEERS is required to receive military benefits. Learn more about DEERS enrollment, required documents, and how to locate an ID card facility here.

** We have an ID card facility in the Hangar **

TRICARE: Once enrolled in DEERS, marriage is a qualifying life event providing TRICARE eligibility. Learn more about your benefits, options, and enrollment requirements here. (You can only enroll in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select or switch plans during open season or after a qualifying life event.)

** We have a Tricare Specialist inside the Medical /Pharmacy building, in housing **

Extra Vision Coverage (if needed): Vision plans through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) are in addition to TRICARE vision coverage and provide more robust/comprehensive vision coverage (if needed).

TRICARE Dental Program: The TRICARE Dental Program is a voluntary, purchased a dental insurance plan that requires separate enrollment.

Coast Guard Health Benefits Advisors (HBA): HBAs are available to assist with TRICARE benefit information, billing issues, referrals/authorizations, access to care issues, eligibility and enrollment assistance, medical, dental, and pharmacy concerns, etc. You can contact them at 1-800-9-HBA-HBA (1-
800-942-2422) or

Moving Resources: Have you recently received orders or are you excitedly (perhaps anxiously) awaiting news of where your Coast Guard adventure will take you next? There are a variety of programs and resources to support you along the way.

Spouse Employment: If you’re seeking employment, there are programs and resources to support you, including LinkedIn Premium! Additionally, the Family Child Care (FCC) Program provides thriving business opportunities for eligible Coast Guard spouses!

Coast Guard Work-Life Programs: Work-Life offers a variety of helpful support programs, including a scholarship program, adoption reimbursement, and a child care program!

Special Needs Program: Through the Special Needs Program, efforts are made to ensure that members with special needs dependents are assigned to duty stations where medical and community services are accessible and available. For this reason, enrollment in the special needs program is mandatory for active duty service members, Public Health Service (PHS) officers serving with the Coast Guard, and reserve members on active duty for 181 days or more who have dependent family members diagnosed
with medical, psychological, physical or educational special needs. Special needs span a broad range of conditions from asthma/allergies, to wheelchair use, to Individualized Education Plans – contact your family resource specialist to determine if enrollment is required.

Resiliency: I can’t tell you that the days will always be easy – life is full of ups and downs, but hopefully, those trials and tribulations will make us stronger in the end. Learn more about “living your best Coast Guard life” and the resources available to support you here.

Deployment: Time – it’s a funny thing, isn’t it? Sometimes passing too quickly. Sometimes too slowly. It never feels more evident than when you’re facing or experiencing time away from the one that you love. Check out these deployment tips and resources!

Sea Legs: The Family Member’s Guide to the U.S. Coast Guard provides information to help support a smooth transition into military life.

Assignment Process: Nothing impacts Coast Guard life and a service member’s career quite like the assignment process. Learn more here!

Spouse Clubs and Associations: Connecting with other Coast Guard spouses can provide camaraderie and a great support system. The National Council of Coast Guard Spouses’ Clubs provides a helpful club directory

** We have a Spouse’s Club Page here in Borinquen **

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA): CGMA is the official relief society of the U.S. Coast Guard and provides emergency and disaster financial assistance, education programs, and family support assistance.

USCG HSWL app: For those looking for information about the support programs and services available to Coast Guard military and civilian personnel, family members, and retirees – there’s an app for that!

CG SUPRT website and app (available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play): CG SUPRT provides resources and referrals, non-medical counseling, health coaching, personal financial wellness, legal services, education and career counseling, and online tools and information. The access password is: USCG





DON’T FORGET- Important changes to trash pickup!
Good evening everyone,
Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8 the garbage pick-up will be every Wednesday instead of Tuesdays. Also, some changes happened to the recycling program. All blue bins will not be in use for recycling or regular trash anymore, please do not still use them. Blue bins will be removed from your units soon.
For recycling, we will establish a recycling center & collection point by La Plaza Parking. I will come back with more details about it.
– Housing Management Specialist

Message from XO – Safety

Pride of the Caribbean,

George Carlin had a comedy routine back in the day about risky activities and helmets.  Instead of quitting the risky activity, his example was football, he pointed out that humans just chose to wear helmets instead.  You could tell how dumb a person is by counting how many activities one does that require wearing a helmet.  If you don’t know who George Carlin was, do yourself a favor and watch a little bit on YouTube.  It’ll change your life.

On to the point: wear your bike helmet and make sure it’s secured and strapped to your head.

Some have pointed out that children on the base are not wearing helmets when riding bikes, scooters, skateboards or other activities that require their use.  Please make sure the kids are safe.  No excuses.  They need to wear their helmets.

What about you?  Well, you’re the example.  If you ride by without a helmet or wear your helmet in the super-cool fashion with the buckle unstrapped, you set a terrible example to the kids.  No excuses.  And, it doesn’t look cool with the buckle unstrapped.  I see you, and it looks dumb!

What’s the alternative?  Buen Samaritano!  You don’t want to go there, and you definitely don’t want your kids to go there.

Nuff Said,

More information about Helmet Safety:

Air Station Base Housing News

“If you are a resident of Air Station Borinquen base housing, please call
the OOD (787-306-7431) if you experience any issues in your home. The OOD
will work with other personnel to determine what course of action is
required. The Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOW) will most likely
contact you to fix the issue at hand and will take the important steps
necessary to get the issue resolved.

Work orders will still be required for tracking purposes, even if the EOW
fixes the issue at hand. This process provides 24/7 coverage and ensures a
technician is available to respond for urgent situations.

Please contact the Housing Officer, LT Ryan Hammond, if you have any
OOD: 787-306-7431